Returns Policy have individually opened every image on this website prior to the image being sent live.

This care ensures each image is checked for:

  • Correct file size
  • Corruption - all images are complete and open in all graphics programs
  • Dust removal - shooting in the harsh environments that many of these images have been captured in means that dust spots are inevitable

If the filesize of the image you received is not the listed filesize you paid for, then we will organise for the correct filesize to be immediately emailed or FTP'd to your nominated email address.

Please contact us immediately.

In the event you purchased your images on CD or DVD and the CD or DVD you receive is faulty and unable to be read, we will organise for another to be shipped to you.

Due to the nature of purchasing electronic images we are unable to offer a refund if you simply change your mind. Images are displayed as large thumbnails and you the viewer can easily check for content.

If clarification is required or you need to ask please contact us.

Last Revised: 26th November 2010