What file sizes are available?

4 file sizes are sold from this site:

S - Small
Roughly 800px x 600px @ 72dpi (28cm x 18cm)
Small (S) images are perfect for all web use - file sizes around the 150k - 200k.
M - Medium
Roughly 1600px x 1200px @ 300dpi (14cm x 10cm)
Medium (M) images are great for newsletters and half page print (e.g. A5)
L - Large
Roughly 3000px x 2000px @ 300dpi (17cm x 25cm)
Large (L) images are great for all print material, brochures and annual reports. (e.g. A4)
XL - Xtra Large
As BIG as we can get it - Usually a 30mb+ tiff!
30mb+ TIFFS are suitable for all pull up banners, billboards and large displays.

How do I purchase?

Search the database then follow the prompts. Payment is made at the end of the checkout process using a valid credit card. Your card is billed instantly and securely via our SSL-secured (128bit encryption) connection.

Security and Payment

MiningPhoto uses the eWay Payment Gateway, Australia's Award Winning Payment Gateway, which processes online payments in real-time via secure and encypted connections. Transactions are processed in real time, normally taking between 5 and 15 seconds to obtain authorisation.

All information exchanged to process the payment is encrypted using the SSL protocol. This data cannot be detected, intercepted or used by third parties, and are not kept on our computer systems either.

How will I get my images?

If you have purchased the S(small), M(medium) or L(large) size, an email will be sent to you immediately with a link to download via your account.

If you have purchased the XL (Xtra Large) image, within 24hours you will receive a link to download. In the meantime, you will immediately receive a link for an L (large) image that you can use as a positional.

What if I want more than 10 images?

Please contact the staff here directly - this will save time with downloading 10+ images manually. The contact details are 1300 502 909 and for customers outside of Australia the phone number is +61 1300 502 909.

What if I want something different to what is displayed?

The principle photographer, Peter, is always on a shooting trip somewhere. There are requests all the time for exact shooting requirements. Please contact us to be part of the next shooting trip or to enquire about a specific photo requirement.

Who has copyright and where can i use my images?

Copyright remains with PHOTO7 Pty Ltd, owner of the website.

The purchased images are to be used to promote your service or products not to become your service or product. You may not use the images in any way that includes you in the same business we are: the business of selling pictures.

If you need further clarification please refer to our terms and conditions or contact us.

Are there ongoing image licensing fees?

The images displayed are royalty free - this means there are NO ongoing image licensing fees.

Please refer to our terms and conditions.

Last Revised: 26th November 2010